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Medical Cannabis Evaluation

Medical research has discovered many beneficial uses for marijuana today. These include:

  • Pain

  • Nausea

  • Anxiety

  • Symptoms associated with certain debilitating medical conditions

Several states permit the medical use and cultivation of marijuana under certain circumstances. Our providers will be able to determine if you have a qualifying condition and how to proceed with your medical cannabis certification recommendation. 

Rhode Island 

  • $150 Initial Consultation

  • $150 Renewal Consultation

New York

  • $99 Initial Consultation

  • $99 Renewal Consultation


  • $125 Initial Consultation

  • $125 Renewal Consultation

Resign Documents

  • Documents may be replaced with a new signed form within 30 days of the original appointment

  • $50 Resign Fee

FAQs per State

Please Download Our Common FAQs

Each state has a distinct set of regulations when it comes to the process of applying and obtaining a medical cannabis certification. 

Please download whichever pertains to you below. 


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