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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS is a non-invasive FDA approved medical procedure used to help treat depression.

We use a small device placed over the scalp that delivers brief magnetic fields with the same type and strength as those used in MRI machines,  so that we can stimulate the brain.

The TMS pulses stimulate the brain without surgery, anesthesia or sedation. Patients remain awake and alert and may return to work or daily routines following each treatment.

Insurances we accept are:






TMS Consult

This is where you will meet with your TMS Coordinator and you will discuss your insurance plan, previous failed treatments and  failed medications.  The coordinator will provide you with extensive information on the treatment itself


Briefing with the Provider

During this appointment you will quickly meet with the TMS provider, where you will further discuss your treatment length and quantity per week.  The provider will also discuss your personal goals by the end of the treatment. 



Schedule Mapping

During your first appointment, you will be having mapping done. This appointment is generally 40 to 60 minutes long.  The doctor, the TMS assistant, and yourself will all be working together to find the area of stimulation your brain needs. 


Schedule Appointments

Your final step is to schedule your appointments. Every session after the initial mapping session could last between 15 to 30 minutes max. Depending on your treatment plan frequency, is how often you should schedule. 


TMS Information

You May Have Questions...

So feel free to download and read up on some of the treatment information we have provided below.  We look forward to speaking with you at your initial consultation.  

Image by Robina Weermeijer

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